My Warranty

I put a lifetime warranty on the repair of a 57 year old electromechanical gauge. I also have lifetime support, yes it’s in writing lifetime no one will touch me, no one will even try. I stand by my work, I trust my work, I honor my work and if it fails, I take care of it. Not just the part. Shipping as well.

Testing, repair, preservation, restoration, calibration, and cleaning. Replacing the faces, repair/rebuild needles.

These clusters are electroluminescent. There are no bulbs to produce the light instead they glow when very high AC voltage is applied. The “Power Pack” does this by converting 12v DC to 230v AC at 250 cycles a second.


Todd’s Restorations is one of only a few that has the experience, parts, and knowledge to diagnose, restore or repair these very difficult gauges, clusters, and needles.

We also do other clusters. Please contact me with your needs.

Power Packs

The power pack runs the electroluminescent lighting by converting 12V DC to 230V AC. As these original packs age the parts they were originally made with start to fail which causes a voltage drop or complete loss of voltage altogether. Todd’s Restorations can diagnose or in most cases repair your original unit.

66 and 67

Todd’s Restorations is one of only a very few that can repair, rebuild, calibrate, and restore your clock. ‘66 is a one-year-only clock with electroluminescence lighting and hands. It is very common for hands to burn out. ’67 is a one-year clock also with 2 light bulbs. While other shops say they can’t be repaired Todd’s Restorations has been very successful at repairing these very difficult hands. 

Shift indicator

Todd’s Restoration can repair and replace the shift indicators  and the face, polish the lense, and repair the “EL” plate to have it look like new again

AC controls

Todd’s Restorations can repair the “EL” plate to work like new again so you can finally see your heater and AC controls once again.

We also offer new clear AC buttons. 

AC vacuum switch

Todd’s Restorations can have the very rare, early-style AC Vacuum switch rebuilt to operate like new again. Every switch-back will snap off the vacuum hose nipples. These can be repaired without the old nipples.

Tach sender

Todd’s Restorations can upgrade your tach sender with modern circuit boards. This is a picture of a 66 tach sender and a 67 would be different but we can service them all. This will make the tach more accurate than ever.

Voltage limiter

Todd’s Restorations can disable the original voltage limiter that is built inside the fuel gauge. The limiter sticks cased causing 12 volts to send to the fuel, coolant, and oil pressure gauge, burning them out and rendering them inoperable. Todd can replace the limiter with a new limiter using modern electronics and safety features to protect your cluster from damage.