Gauge Calibration

  • Oil Pressure, Temperature or Fuel Gauge – $65

  • Rebuild and Calibrate Your Oil Pressure, Temperature or Fuel Gauge – $150

  • Rebuilt and Calibrated Oil Pressure, Temperature or Fuel Gauge –  $200

  • Face Restoration
  • Replace Tach, Speedometer, Ammeter, Fuel, Oil Pressure or Temperature with an original Face in good condition – $50
  • (Replacement is subject to availability)

  • Replace Gauge Faces with new Premium 3M Gauge Decal Overlays and repaint EL needles – $275

  • New instrument cluster foam gasket – $40
  • Gasket only – $25

  • Repair or Replace EL Needle
  • Ammeter, Fuel, Oil Pressure or Temperature – $80

Tachometer Service

Clean, Lubricate & Test – $50

Clean, Lubricate and Binding Adjustments – $75

EL Face repair – $65

EL Needle repair – $110 0

 Upgrade Tach Sender

Upgrade with modern circuit board. This will make the tach more accurate and also allow you to run an electronic ignition-  $155

Speedometer Service

Clean, Lubricate & Test   $90

EL Face Repair – $65

EL Needle Repair – $110

Clock Service

Todd’s Restorations is one a very few that can repair, rebuild, calibrate, and restore your clock. The ‘66 Charger is a one-year-only clock with electroluminescence lighting. It is very common for the movement to stop or freeze. The ’67 Charger is a one-year clock with 2 light bulbs. While other shops only convert to quartz, Todd’s Restorations prefers, if possible, to repair or restore the original movement and hands. He is able to convert to quartz if absolutely necessary or requested.

66 only Clean, adjust and lubricate – $100

66 only Repair EL Face – $125

66 only Repair Needle – $125

Replace Clock Face

Replace the clock face with an original face in good condition (subject to availability) – $85

All Other Years Clean, Adjust and Lubricate – $100

Add Needle and Face Refresh – $25

Needle and Face Refresh ONLY – No Service – $75

Clock Repair for ANY year – contact for diagnosis & estimate


Todd’s Restorations is one of only a few that has the experience, parts, and knowledge to diagnose, restore or repair these very difficult gauges, clusters, and needles properly. 

Cluster Restoration Starting at $1775

Power Packs

The power pack runs the electroluminescent lighting by converting 12V DC to 230V AC. As these original packs age the parts they were originally made with start to fail which causes a voltage drop or complete loss of voltage altogether. Todd’s Restorations can diagnose or and in most cases repair your original unit.

Power Pack repair – $125

Rebuilt Powerpack with Core – $175

Rebuilt Powerpack without Core – $225

(Replacement is subject to availability)

Shift Indicators
66 and 67

Repair the shift indicator EL 66 – $75

66-67 Polish face and lens only – $50

AC Controls

Todd’s Restorations can repair the “EL” plate to work like new again so you can finally see your heater and AC controls once again. – $50

Climate Control Buttons – Includes a new set of Off, Max, AC, Heat, and Defrost buttons – For AC Cars only – $160

AC Vacuum Switch

Todd’s Restorations can have the rare, early-style AC Vacuum switch rebuilt to operate like new again. Every switch-back will snap off the vacuum hose nipples. These can be repaired without the old nipples. You can have it rebuilt and working like new with new wafers, new back and new ball sockets installed to hold the push buttons.   

Rebuild With Like Core Exchange $175

Rebuild with no core – $200

Voltage Limiter

Todd’s Restorations can disable the original voltage limiter that is built inside the fuel gauge. The limiter sticks closed causing 12 volts to be sent to the fuel, coolant, and oil pressure gauge, burning them out and rendering them inoperable. Todd’s Restorations can replace the limiter with a new limiter using modern electronics and safety features to protect your cluster from damage.

Replace Voltage Limiter $125

Radio Service

66/67 Radio Core Only – $75

66/67 Radio Needle Repair Only – $125

66/67 Radio Face Clean & Renew – $50

66 Radio EL Repair – $50

66/67 Radio Restoration – Includes AM/FM and 2 Speaker output upgrade – $610

66/67 Radio Bluetooth Upgrade – In addition to the 66/67 Radio Restoration, add circuitry for Bluetooth capabilities additional $170

Radio Repair for ANY year – contact for diagnosis & estimate